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Koy Zhang

Koy Zhang ExportID member
 Koy Zhang Shenzhen, China
LCD display, home entertainment
Seemuch Digital Technology Co. Ltd. was found in 2001. The company has steadily expended operations in its global market on digital products and has become one of the TOP10 Manufacturers of Portable DVD & LCD TV in Shenzhen.
 Category: Electronics
Registered Since: 07/01/09 for 8 years and 81 days
ExportID Member Number: 21614
Web Address: http://exportid.com/?id=21614&name=koy_zhang
Local Government ID code: 440301198305052381
Languages: english chinese
Age: 26
Sex: male
Current Company Name: Seemuch Digital Technology Co. Ltd
Company Website: www.icmuch.com
Address: Unit E 17/F Taiyangdao Building, Dongmen Road South, Luohu District Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Zip code: 518000
Focus Location Markets: Europe, Mideast
Work & Educational Certificates: CE, FCC
Personal Interests: Comic,traveling
Previous Employment: No more coding
Personal History: That's a long story and I bet you dont really want to know...
Phone No: 8675589427321
Cell Mobile Phone No: 8613590427261
Fax No: 8675589427322
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