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Durian ExportID member
 Durian quanzhou, China
our company Sanhong, is the top exporter of Polypropylene yarn and PP strap in China, we welcome any universal clients.
 Category: Textiles
Registered Since: 15/05/09 for 7 years and 318 days
ExportID Member Number: 23238
Web Address: http://exportid.com/?id=23238&name=durian
Local Government ID code:
Languages: english chinese
Age: 26
Sex: male
Current Company Name: Sanhong Chemical Fibre
Company Website: www.san-hong.com
Address: 2-16a, qingmeng economic and tech zone
Zip code: 362005
Focus Location Markets: Turkey, Mid-west, Iran, Saudi Arabia
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Cell Mobile Phone No: 8615980925160
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