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Udeni Fernando

Udeni Fernando ExportID member
 Supplier 4yrs Colombo, Sri Lanka
Cocopeat plant growing medium ECO friendly
We manufacture and export coconut coir based products,mainly cocopeat bales and briquettes,cocopeat grow bags,coir pots, weed control mats etc
 Category: Agriculture
Registered Since: 06/09/13 for 4 years and 193 days
ExportID Member Number: 37387
Web Address: http://exportid.com/?id=37387&name=udeni_fernando
Local Government ID code:
Languages: english
Age: 60
Sex: male
Current Company Name: Heylan Manufacturers
Company Website: www.heylan.slt.lk
Address: 2/3,Arnold Place,Egodauyana,Moratuwa,Srilanka
Zip code: 10400
Focus Location Markets:
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Phone No: 0094112658678
Cell Mobile Phone No: 0094714312883
Fax No: 0094112658678
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