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Babar Iqbal Bhatti

Babar Iqbal Bhatti ExportID member
 Supplier 11yrs Sialkot, Pakistan
Boxing Gloves, Equipment, and Belts for Karate, Taekwondo, J
We work as a Manufacturer and Exporter Specializing in Martial Arts. We have a wide selection of Uniforms, Boxing Gloves, Equipment, and Belts for Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and Accessories. Those range from the beginner to masters. In Boxing & Karate Master, the labor is abundant and skilled,
 Category: Sports Equipment
Registered Since: 09/11/06 for 11 years and 350 days
ExportID Member Number: 9645
Web Address: http://exportid.com/?id=9645&name=babar_iqbal_bhatti
Local Government ID code:
Languages: english
Age: 32
Sex: male
Current Company Name: Boxing & Karate Master
Company Website: www.boxingkarate.com
Zip code: 51310
Focus Location Markets: College Road,
Work & Educational Certificates: ISO 2000
Personal Interests:
Previous Employment:
Personal History:
Phone No: 0092-52-4261838
Cell Mobile Phone No: 0092-321-614-5143
Fax No:
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